Deflating Your Lazy Spa Hot Tub: A Complete Guide

Deflating Your Lazy Spa Hot Tub

The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Draining Your Lay Z Spa Hot Tub for Easy Storage and Transport

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on deflating your Lazy Spa Hot Tub (Lay Z Spa) tub. Inflatable hot tubs have gained immense popularity due to their convenience and portability.

Proper deflation is crucial whether you’re moving houses, preparing for winter storage, or need to transport your Lazy Spa tub. This blog will walk you through the step-by-step process of deflating your Lazy Spa tub, ensuring a seamless experience.

Following our instructions, you can safely deflate and store your lazy spa hot tub, maximising its longevity and convenience. Let’s dive into the details and make the deflation process a breeze.

Understanding the Deflation Process

If you’re wondering, “How do you deflate a Lazy Spa tub?” this section will provide a comprehensive understanding of the deflation process.

We will explain the steps involved, highlight the importance of proper preparation, and discuss the tools and equipment that may be required.

  1. Importance of Preparation: Before deflating your Lazy Spa hot tub, it is essential to prepare it properly. This includes ensuring the tub is free from water, debris, and accessories or attachments. Draining the water completely is crucial to prevent damage during deflation and storage. Additionally, removing items from the tub will make deflation smoother.
  2. Step-by-Step Deflation Process: Follow these steps to deflate your Lazy Spa tub:
    • Drain the Water: Use the built-in drain valve or a submersible pump to remove all the water from the tub. Ensure the water is completely drained, as residual water can add weight and complicate deflation.
    • Remove Accessories: Take off any accessories, such as the cover, filter cartridges, or inflatable seats, attached to the tub. This will make the deflation process easier and prevent damage to the accessories.
    • Locate the Air Valve: Look for the air valve(s) on the Lazy Spa tub. They are usually located on the side or bottom of the tub. The air valve allows you to release the air and deflate the tub.
    • Open the Air Valve: Open the air valve(s) by turning them counterclockwise. This will release the trapped air inside the tub.
    • Compress & Fold The Hot Tub: Once the air valve(s) are open, press down on the tub’s sides to release any remaining air pockets. Start from one end and work towards the other, applying pressure to expel the air. Once you have finished deflating your lazy spa hot tub, fold it neatly and tightly.
  3. Tools and Equipment: While deflating a Lazy Spa tub doesn’t require any specialised tools, the following items may come in handy:
    • Submersible pump or drain pump: These can help you efficiently drain the water from the tub.
    • Towels or sponges: Use these to dry any residual water after draining.
    • Storage bag or container: A storage bag or container can help keep the deflated tub organised and protected during storage or transportation.

You can successfully store your spa tub by understanding the importance of preparation, following the step-by-step process for deflating your lazy spa hot tub and having the necessary tools and equipment. In the next sections, we will provide further guidance on deflating inflatable hot tubs and share additional tips for a seamless experience.

Deflating a Lazy Spa Hot Tub

In addition to deflating your Lazy Spa hot tub, it’s valuable to understand the general process of deflating any inflatable hot tub.

While the steps may vary slightly depending on the brand and model, the core principles remain the same. Here are some additional tips and considerations for deflating an inflatable hot tub:

  1. Consult the Manufacturer’s Manual: Each inflatable hot tub may have specific deflation instructions provided by the manufacturer. Refer to the manual for any brand-specific recommendations or precautions.
  2. Release Air Gradually: When deflating an inflatable hot tub, it’s generally recommended to release the air gradually rather than all at once. This approach ensures a controlled deflation process and reduces the tub’s risk of damage.
  3. Check for Valves or Caps: Some inflatable hot tubs have separate valves or caps that must be opened to release the air. Locate these valves or caps and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for deflation.
  4. Compression and Folding: Similar to deflating a Lazy Spa tub, apply pressure to the sides of the inflatable hot tub to expel the remaining air. Once the tub is deflated, carefully fold it in a compact and organized manner. This will make storage and transportation more convenient.

Draining, Cleaning, and Storage Recommendations

To ensure the longevity and proper maintenance of your Lazy Spa tub or inflatable hot tub, it’s crucial to follow appropriate draining, cleaning, and storage procedures. Here are some recommendations:

  1. Draining the Tub: Drain any remaining water from the tub thoroughly after deflation. Use a submersible pump or the designated drain valve to remove the water completely.
  2. Cleaning the Tub: Before storage, clean the tub according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Use mild cleaning solutions or specialised hot tub cleaners to remove any residue or contaminants. Rinse the tub thoroughly and let it dry completely.
  3. Storage Considerations: Choose a clean, dry, and well-ventilated area for storing your Lazy Spa or inflatable hot tub and protecting it from direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, and potential damage. Consider using a protective cover or storage bag to shield the tub from dust, dirt, and debris.
  4. Product Recommendations: To aid in the draining, cleaning, and storage processes, consider the following products available on Amazon UK:


In conclusion, deflating your Lazy Spa Hot Tub (Lay Z Spa) or other brands of inflatable hot tub is important for maintenance, storage, and transportation.

You can safely and efficiently deflate your tub by properly preparing the pool, following the step-by-step deflation process, and utilising the recommended tools and equipment. Remember to consult the manufacturer’s instructions for specific guidance and precautions.

Additionally, ensure that you thoroughly drain, clean, and store your tub to maintain longevity. The recommended products mentioned in this guide can assist you in these processes. By taking the necessary precautions and following the recommended steps, you’ll be able to enjoy your Lazy Spa tub or inflatable hot tub for years to come. Happy deflating and safe storage!

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