Picnic Holdalls

Picnic holdalls are a new entrant on the picnicware market.  First we had the Picnic baskets then we moved to my favourite – the picnic backpack and now it’s all about the picnic bag/ holdall!

There are numerous types of picnic bag/ holdall on sale from roller picnic bags, picnic cooler totes and the hugely popular cool bag backpacks

A picnic holdall is basically a cool bag with a picnic set in it.  They look smart, fit well in to a car boot and can be carried easily on public transport.  They are compact, waterproof and far easier to carry on a short walk to beach or woods than our traditional picnic hampers.  

Given how stylish many look you wouldn’t even feel out of place using them at evening concerts, polo matches or the races (should that be where you picnic).  

So let’s cut to the chase and give you my top picks (from my extensive trialling) or the 2020 perfect picnic holdalls.  Honesty time…i wanted this page to cover picnic holdalls and bags exclusively but there just aren’t enough on the market yet…so its a mix!

I recommend these picnic holdalls as the UK’s best garden picnic bags based on their:

  • Design
  • Quality of the stitching & materials
  • Durability 
  • Contents
  • Cost

Best 2 Person Picnic Sets & Holdalls

These are 2020´s best two person picnic sets for dining out.  I choose them from verified reviews and personal use.

Best 4 Person Picnic Sets & Holdalls

These are 2020´s best four person picnic sets.  I have used many of these and honestly it’s hard to find a favourite, however I love backpacks for ease and these are chosen for the following features.

Best 6 Person Picnic Holdalls

These are 2020´s best six person picnic holdalls – ok so I only found 1! Seems if your are a family or five or six looking to picnic you cant get a choice of sets! However as a child growing up in a family of five i know you just buy a picnic set for four and add extras picnic plates etc.  

So I will also recommend here  a great picnic set to add in.

Best Kids Picnic Bags

These are 2020´s best children’s lunch box for picnics.  These are also very useful for taking on car journeys, camping etc and for school dinners.  Most of these have compartments to separate foods, drinks etc however you will need to buy Bento Lunch Boxes etc here.  Or if going green for lunches look at wrapping the kids lunch in Bees Wax Wrap.

Course if its a play picnic set you want then the ONLY one for any kid is the Leapfrog Picnic Basket. 

Best Wheelie Picnic Bags

These are 2021´s best portable picnic bags, cooler boxes and picnic baskets.  Add wheels and you can drag these suckers full of food and drinks at least a few yards.  

Seriously these aren’t for taking long walks etc (for portable picnic sets always go to Picnic Backpacks).  Or get a garden trolley (now more commonly called festival truck) to pile in the food, drinks and kids!

Have you used any of these picnic holdalls, lunch boxes, or picnic bags? Then please leave your review in the comments box below. Is your favourite bag for picnics not on the list? Be sure to let me know in the comments below so I can review it.

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