The Best Festival Trolleys for Kids

best festival trolleys for kids

Easy Transport for Your Little Ones at Festivals

Festivals can be a fun and exciting experience for families, but carrying all the necessary gear with young children can be challenging. That’s where best festival trolleys for kids come in handy. They provide an easy and convenient way to transport everything from snacks and drinks to camping gear and toys.

This article will discuss the best festival trolleys for kids and families, focusing on safety, durability, and ease of use. As a avid festival fan and parent who enjoys attending muddy festivals with my child, I understand the importance of having a reliable and practical festival trolley to make the experience stress-free and enjoyable.

I have added a list of festival trolleys suitable for kids with positive customer reviews. At the end of the article there is also a quick guide to how to decorate your festival trolley for kids.

best festival trolley

Benefits of Festival Trolleys for Families with Kids

Festival trolleys offer a range of benefits for families with young children. For one, festival trolleys make it easier to transport gear and equipment, especially when travelling with children. Instead of carrying heavy bags or pushing strollers across uneven terrain, festival trolleys offer a convenient way to move everything you need for a day at a festival.

In addition to carrying gear, festival trolleys provide a space for tired kids to rest. With a festival trolley, children can take a break from walking and have a comfortable place to sit and relax. This is particularly helpful for families with younger children who may tire quickly.

There are also different types of festival trolleys available for families with kids. Some festival trolleys come equipped with canopies, which can provide shade on hot days or shelter from unexpected rain. Others have built-in seats, providing a comfortable spot for kids to rest while being pushed through the festival.

Festival trolleys are a practical and convenient solution for families with kids attending festivals.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Festival Trolley for Kids

When choosing the best festival trolleys for kids, it is important to consider several factors to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

  • Weight capacity: Make sure the festival trolley can accommodate the weight of both your gear and your children.
  • Durability: Look for trolleys made with solid and sturdy materials that can withstand outdoor conditions and rough terrain.
  • Ease of use: Consider how easy the trolley is to assemble, push, and manoeuvre. Look for one with 360-turning wheels so you don’t have to reverse to get out of places.
  • Safety: Ensure the trolley has secure straps and restraints to protect your children and gear during transportation. Also, look for one with brakes to stop your little dears rolling away!
  • Stability: Look for trolleys with wide, sturdy wheels and a solid base for added stability, especially if you plan to use it on uneven ground.
best festival trolleys for kids

Festival Trolleys with Canopy for Kids:

When it comes to choosing the best festival trolleys for kids and families with young children, festival trolleys with canopies can provide several benefits:

  • Protection from the sun: Kids’ delicate skin can quickly burn in direct sunlight, and keeping them well-protected outdoors is important. Festival trolleys with canopies provide shade and help shield children from harmful UV rays.
  • Protection from rain: Weather can be unpredictable, and having a festival trolley with a canopy can provide shelter for your child during sudden rain showers.
  • Space for napping: Young children can tire quickly, and having a festival trolley with a canopy can provide a comfortable and shaded spot for them to rest or even nap.

If you’re considering a festival trolley with a canopy for your family, here are some great suggestions with great customer reviews:

Outsunny Folding Trolley Cart Storage Wagon Beach...
8 Reviews
Outsunny Folding Trolley Cart Storage Wagon Beach…
This trolley is easy to fold and has a weight capacity of 100kg, making it a great option for families with young children. It also comes with a removable canopy to provide shade and protection from the elements. Steel frame, with four wheels: A strong core, supporting everything whilst inside. Two wheels have a 360° movement – this festival trolley transports everything smoothly over different terrains. Two handles: Main telescopic handle to pull trolley easily. Small carry handle to carry cart easily when folded.
Happybuy Foldable Wagon Cart, oxford cloth, Blue,...
616 Reviews
Happybuy Foldable Wagon Cart, oxford cloth, Blue,…
With a weight capacity of 80kg, this trolley is perfect for families with young children. It features a removable canopy to provide shade and protection from the sun or rain. It also folds down for easy storage and transport. The festival cart also features a waterproof 600D oxford polyester canopy that is double-layered with thickened cotton and double-stitched for added solidity. An extra storage basket and two mesh bags provide flexibility and convenience for carrying small goods like beverages and umbrellas. The detachable canopy provides shade for your pets and goods while the safety belt can be used to fix it. The collapsible festival wagon can be folded into a compact size of 39″x20.4″x7″, making it easy to store and transport.

Festival Trolleys with Seats for Kids

Festival trolleys with seats are a game-changer for families with young children. These trolleys provide a comfortable spot for kids to rest or even nap while parents transport them around the festival or event. Festival trolleys with seats typically have a higher weight capacity, making them suitable for kids and their belongings.

A few options are available now if you’re in the market for a festival trolley with seats. So instead, I would suggest getting a large comfy seating pad or a memory foam seat cushion to line the bottom of your folding cart and create seats that way.

You could also use a small bean bag for comfort.

The only festival trolley with seatbelts we found was the Radio Flyer Trolley with Canopy. If you have especially danger prone toddlers this might come in really handy. It’s weight capacity is 100KG and it weighs 10kg. It has a sun canopy and is foldable.

Radio Flyer 3957A EZ Wagon with Canopy, Folding Trolley for Kids, Garden and Cargo cart, Ages 1.5+, Red,‎103.98 x 54 x 102.99 cm; 10 Kilograms
506 Reviews
Radio Flyer 3957A EZ Wagon with Canopy, Folding Trolley for Kids, Garden and Cargo cart, Ages 1.5+, Red,‎103.98 x 54 x 102.99 cm; 10 Kilograms
  • 3-in-1 Design: This collapsible wagon offers hauling, 2 rider seating, and bench seating options. Easily switch between them with side zippers.
  • Compact Fold: Convenient one-hand fold for easy storage and portability. Dimensions when folded: 7″ L x 18.50″ W x 32.68″ H.
  • Kid-Friendly Safety: Radio Flyer wagons meet ASTM-f963-13 toy safety standards, featuring seat belts and a UV protection canopy.
  • Generous Capacity: Hauls up to 150 lbs. of kids or cargo, with additional storage in a rear pouch and two front cup holders.
  • Specifications: Assembled dimensions – 39.37” x 21.26” x 40.75”. Recommended for kids 1 ½+ years. Maximum weight capacity – 150 lbs.

Investing in a festival trolley where you can add seats is a smart choice for parents who want to ensure their kids have a comfortable and enjoyable festival experience.

Festival Trolleys with Large Wheels for Kids

Festival trolleys with large wheels are a great option for families with young children, making transporting your camping equipment easier over muddy festival fields. These trolleys typically have larger, sturdier wheels that handle bumps, rocks, and uneven surfaces.

In addition to their durability, festival trolleys with large wheels are also easier to manoeuvre, making them ideal for parents who may be pulling or pushing a heavy load. Plus, the larger wheels mean less strain on your arms and back when navigating crowds and muddy terrain.

If you’re in the market for a festival trolley with large wheels for your kids, several great options are available. These festival trolleys have received positive customer reviews and feature sturdy construction and large wheels for easy transport:

Sekey 200L Folding Festival Trolley with...
Gorilla Carts 7 Cubic Feet Foldable Festival...
Sale BEAU JARDIN Folding Festival Trolley Camping...
TOPWELL Garden Collapsible Wagon All-terrain...

Festival Trolleys with High Weight Capacity for Kids

When it comes to attending festivals with young children, having a festival trolley with a high weight capacity is crucial. These trolleys can easily carry all necessary gear, from chairs and blankets to camping gear, food and drinks. Additionally, they can accommodate the weight of multiple children and bulky gear, making them a practical choice for families.

When selecting a best festival trolleys for kids, consider the weight capacity to ensure it can support all your needs. Opting for a high-weight capacity trolley will allow you to pack more without worrying about exceeding its limits. Additionally, ensure the trolley is made of durable materials to support the weight without breaking down.

Here are some product suggestions for festival trolleys with high-weight capacity that are suitable for kids and available on

Gorilla Carts Steel Garden Cart with Removable...
Sale GARDEBRUK® Trolley on Wheels | 550kg Load...
VonHaus Garden Cart – Trolley, Trailer, Truck,...
Sale Neo Garden Trailer Cart Pull Along Trolley Heavy...

These festival trolleys have high weight capacities and are made with sturdy materials, making them reliable options for families with young children.

Folding Festival Trolleys for Kids

Folding festival trolleys are an excellent option for families with young children who attend festivals or outdoor events. They offer convenience and flexibility for parents, allowing them to transport their children and gear without any hassle easily. One of the most significant benefits of foldable festival trolleys is their compact size when folded, making them easy to store and transport. They can be quickly folded up and placed in the trunk of a car or a closet when not in use.

Folding festival trolleys also come in various designs and styles, from those with canopies to those with large wheels, making them suitable for various terrains and weather conditions. Additionally, many foldable festival trolleys have additional features, such as storage baskets and cup holders, making them even more practical for families.

Several options are available if you’re looking for best festival trolleys for kids and your family. These products have received positive customer reviews, with many praising their durability and convenience.

Sale Join Nature 200L/150KG Folding Camping Trolley...
TMZ Folding Wagon Cart Collapsible Outdoor Utility...
FEAHRZEUG Collapsible Beach Trolley Cart,Folding...

Festival Trolleys on a Budget for Kids

Families on a budget can still enjoy the convenience of festival trolleys. This section will discuss festival trolleys available at an affordable price without compromising quality. These trolleys provide great value for money while still meeting the needs of families with young children.

When looking for festival trolleys on a budget, it’s important to consider features such as weight capacity, durability, and ease of use. Luckily, there are many options available that offer these features at a lower price point.

We recommend the “Trail Folding Festival Trolley” and “HOMCOM Folding Wagon Cart” as excellent budget-friendly options for families with kids. These festival trolleys have received positive customer reviews and offer a weight capacity suitable for transporting gear and young children. They are also foldable for easy storage and transportation, making them an excellent choice for families on the go.

Click the links below to check out these affordable best festival trolleys for kids:

FUXTEC garden equipment trolley/hand cart FX-GW350
SA Products Folding Trolley Cart - Large...
Sale Amazon Basics Collapsible, Height Adjustable &...
Black Heavy Duty Foldable Garden Festival Trolley...

How can I decorate my festival trolley?

Rocket ship decorated festival trolley for kids

If you want to make your festival trolley look great by decorating and customising it there are heaps of ideas available online. You can browse through Google to find some wonderful and creative concepts. One such fantastic design is showcased on

Decorating your trolley for festivals with the kids is an exciting task. It primarily involves creating a fun and safe space for your kids to hang out while you enjoy the festival. An essential factor to consider is ensuring that your kids feel comfortable and happy in their decorated trolley.

One popular design you can try is a safari jeep, as suggested by Using some cardboard pieces and effort, you can make your child’s dream of riding a safari jeep come true.

While there are countless decoration ideas for the best festival trolleys for kids, there are some essentials that every festival wagon should have. These include comfortable seating arrangements, side curtains for shade and privacy, a rain cover, a drink holder, and an extra bag for storing essentials. You can get creative with the decoration by adding fairy lights, flowers, hippy themes, bunting, and windmills. Websites like have great decoration ideas to inspire you.

Decoration ideas for kids festival trolley

Festival folding trolleys for kids are a great investment for families attending outdoor events. They provide a convenient way to transport gear, offer a comfortable spot for tired kids to rest, and come in various styles to suit different needs.

When choosing a collapsable festival trolley for kids, it’s important to consider factors such as weight capacity, durability, ease of use, safety, and stability. Features such as canopies, seats, large wheels, and high-weight capacity can enhance the festival experience for families with young children.

Festival trolleys with canopies protect from the sun and rain, while those with seats offer a comfortable spot for kids to rest or even nap. Trolleys with large wheels make it easier to transport gear over rough terrain, while those with high weight capacity can accommodate multiple kids or bulky gear.

For families on a budget, affordable festival wagons are available that offer great value for money. And for those who prioritise convenience, folding festival trolleys are a great option, as they are easy to store and transport.

Decorating a festival trolley can also add to the fun and make it a personalized space for kids to hang out. Adding essentials such as seating, rain covers, drink holders, and extra bags can enhance the festival experience for the whole family.

Overall, festival carts are a must-have for families attending outdoor events. Investing in one can make the festival experience more enjoyable, convenient, and comfortable for parents and kids.

What features should i look for in a good festival trolley or pull along wagon for kids?

Brakes: This is a useful feature if you need to park the festival wagon without holding it, especially if your child falls asleep.
360-degree Rotating Wheels: This feature prevents you from having to reverse or make large turning circles to change direction.
Maximum Load Capacity: It’s essential to ensure the festival cart can comfortably hold your child’s weight.
Canopy or Rain Cover: Considering the UK weather, a canopy or rain cover is vital to protect your child from rain in your festival trolley.
Collapsible Design: A wagon that collapses down is easy to transport and store.
Robust, Durable Wheels: Look for a wagon with sturdy wheels that won’t break or puncture, especially if you’ll be going off-road or through mud.
Storage Features: Water bottle slots and a basket can be handy for storage and easy access to necessities. Some wagons even include cool box attachments.
Seatbelts: While not all parents require them, seatbelts can provide extra security and peace of mind.

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