How Do I Decorate My Festival Trolley? Easy to Follow Guide

how to decorate a festival trolley

How do I decorate my festival trolley is one of the most common questions I get when people see our chariot of fun at music events. So here is an easy guide

Decorating your festival trolley seems to mainly be about creating a fun, safe space for your kids to hang out as you enjoy the festivals.  I have to say we have tried to enjoy festivals without the truck and the kids found it hard going and honestly I was scared we might loos them at points. However with our tented party bus as Emily calls it the kids are always happy and excited to go to festivals with us.  So let’s look at some more decoration ideas for your festival wagon

safari jeep festival trolley - decoration ideas for your festival trolley

We all know festivals get wild so how about making a safari jeep (source: A few pieces of cardboard and several hours hard graft can see you bring your kids dreams to life and rock the festival circuit in style.

Rocket ship decorated festival trolley for kids

The stars really are the limit with your festival wagon decor however there are some basic essentials no self respecting kids festival wagon will be without. Think about comfort, rain proofing, sun protection, a portable bed and dinning ares and you will create the best kids festival trolley ever.

Lets look closer at the essential items we should be decorating a childs’ festival trolley with:

How Do I Decorate My Festival Trolley Guide

how do i decorate my festival trolley? create a home from home

Seating: think comfy cushions or pillows, covers and side curtains (shade and privacy)….this chariot of fun will be a play den, chill out zone and bed during the long, fun packed festival days.  We used some giant Ikea cushions on the bottom (Emily says its her cloud bed!) and then old sleeping bag to cover. Side curtains were an old shower curtain cut up and hung…can be slid back and is rain proof.

Raincover: Ok we all only want a sunny festival but we know the great British whether sucks so waterproof festival trolley is essential.  We had a canopy on our model (we pimped the Vevor folding festival trolley) So we then covered it in the same shower curtain we used for side, overlapping it and cutting scalloped edges for cuteness!

Another idea for a great rain over is to find a small beach tent and fit it within the body of the folding trolley. Look for a beach tent with SPF 50 and you will be have added sun protection for your little ones. We also take a large golf umberella in the travel trolley in case of real storms.

For the best folding trolleys with canopys check our review page.

Drink Holder/ Cool Box:  We are all about hydration and healthy snacks at festivals and having an onboard cool box for drinks and snacks is great. Both my kids think they are the bosses of food so we get rows but also saves the ‘mummmmmmm can i have’ every five moments as they are able to self serve!

We love the Campingaz MiniMaxi Coolbox…super cute! We do also use the very cool and detachable Kinderwagon Cooler Bag Set. For more ideas these are links for our indepth review pages on food containers, hydro drink flasks and cool bag rucksacks too.

Extra bag:  You want to keep things handy like loo roll, hand sanitizer, facemasks and ear defenders etc so a extra attachable bag is handy.  We got a picnic backpack one and fashioned attachments to the trolley (so kids have plates etc too).

perfect kids festival trolley

FESTIVAL TROLLEY DECORATION IDEAS:  When it comes to how do i decorate my festival trolley think flowers, think hippy fun and think fairies and sparkles and lights is our brief every year.  We dont want leaky batteries on our festival trolley so we use fairy solar lights like these every-time.

Other great ideas for pimping your folding festival wagon include bubble machine, kite on stick, bunting and windmills! ( are brilliant for more ideas).

And if you dont have enough ideas for how to decorate a festival trolley yet then is hit up google.  There are heaps of amazing ideas, just look at this incredible design of a mini gypsy wagon we opened the blog with. That idea came from a greta blog on folding trolley decorations by

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