Best Folding Picnic Tables

best folding picnic tables

Folding picnic tables are the perfect way to make alfresco eating a more elegant affair or to dine out despite damp or frozen ground.  They allow comfort away from home (even our Best Picnic Blankets cant give this level of comfort) and stop the wildlife eating the food!

We use our foldable picnic tables when eating out on the beach (less sand in the butties that way!), camping and for impromptu parties at home.  If you want something more permanent for your garden check out our Picnic Bench and Picnic Chair/Table Bench sets here.

Choosing the best foldable picnic table is not an easy task given the hundreds of brands and designs out there. What you should be looking for are the following key features:

  • Ease of use (Type of folding mechanism, is it quick & easy?)
  • Size vs no. of people (4ft is a 2 person table/6 ft 4 plus people)
  • Weight (lighter weight folding tables are still strong)
  • Extra features – cup holders, attached seating etc

If you want to make an informed choice on your folding picnic table check out our comprehensive buyers guide and FAQS below.

Lifetime 2.7 ft (0.83 m) Children's Folding Picnic Table - Beige
BEST KIDS FOLDING TABLE: Hard wearing & washable surface & stain resistant, seats 4 children. Folds flat for easy storage
Helinox Table One Hardtop - Weather resistant, Lightweight and Collapsable...
BEST 4ft FOLDING PICNIC TABLE (LOW RISE): The Helinox Table One Hard Top L is perfect for Picnicking on the go or whilst camping. The hard surface will ensure that everything stays put, & the aluminium pole structure is lightweight & sturdy. The table is extremely easy to set up & pack. The storage sack included with the table makes it easy to transport as well
Amazon Basics Heavy Duty silver folding Rectangular Tray Table Easel,...
1,001 Reviews
Outwell Table, Beige, One Size
LIFETIME 60264 6-Foot Craftsman Folding Picnic Table, Brown

Best Folding Picnic Tables & Foldable Picnic Bench Sets

Given the huge variety and number of brands for Picnic tables out there I have brought together my top recommendations in each category.  

I am a huge fan of Alpine Trek and they have asked me to be a brand ambassador for them so I will recommend some of Alpine Trek Foldaway Picnic Tables.  

These Alpine Trek Picnic Tables will be in the text parts of my reviews.  Why aren’t they with the Amazon recommendations you ask? Well honestly the link system is different and I am not tech savvy enough to make them look the same! 

So lets get started and help you find 2023´s best folding picnic tables (and if you have one of these already please leave your review in the comments below).

Kids Foldable Picnic Table & Chairs

These are 2023´s best Kids Folding Picnic Tables & Chairs:

Best 4ft Folding Picnic Table (low rise)

These are 2023´s best 4ft foldable picnic tables (low rise).  Low rise means more like a coffee table height and size, with and without drink holders.  These are lightweight and perfect to take hiking or to the beach.

Alpine Trek Favourites for this category are:

HELINOX - Table One Hard Top - Camping table

Best 4ft Lightweight Folding Picnic Table (H:70 Cm)

These are 2023´s best 4ft Lightweight Folding Picnic Tables (H:70cm)

Best 4 Person Folding Picnic Table & Chair Set

These are 2023´s best 4 person folding picnic table & chair sets:

Best 4ft Heavy Duty Folding Picnic Table (70 Cm Height)

These are 2023´s best 4ft Heavy Duty Foldable Picnic Tables (70 CM Height).

Best 5/6ft Lightweight Folding Picnic Table

These are 2023´s best 6ft Lightweight Folding Picnic Tables:


Best 6ft Folding Picnic Table & Chair Set

These are 2023´s best 6ft Folding Picnic Table & Chair Sets: for those who want to take the table and picnic chairs with them in one go.  

Best 6ft Heavy Duty Folding Picnic Table (H:70 Cm)

These are 2023´s best 6ft heavy duty folding picnic tables are chosen for being sturdy and rigid.  These aren’t the type of things you are going to take on a hike at 10kg plus (you could use a beach picnic trolley though for short trips!).  

Overall though these are folding picnic tables for taking in the car, with your best electric cool box or cooler Rucksack, beach tent etc for a posh picnic.  

They are the ones we break out at home when extra guests arrive for a party.  Many come with matching picnic chairs too.

Best 8ft Strong Folding Picnic Tables

These are 2023´s best 8ft strong folding picnic tables are chosen for being sturdy and rigid.  These tables can seat 8 to 10 people round them if you use the ends as well and there are plenty of picnic chairs out there to choose from.  They are perfect for garden picnic parties or a posh picnic at the races or polo meets (should that be your thing!).

For those wanting a posher picnic check out our luxury picnic hampers reviews and also our picnic backpacks.  Both are very portable and come with picnic sets included, insulated cooler bags, thermos flasks and more for a perfect picnic.

Have you used any of these Folding Picnic Tables? Then please leave your review in the comments box below. Is your favourite Foldaway Picnic Table not on the list? Be sure to let me know in the comments below so I can review it.

Buyers guide to the best foldaway picnic tables and foldable picnic dining sets

Choosing the best foldable table is not an easy task given the hundreds of brands and designs out there. What you should be looking for are the following key Folding Picnic Table is:

  • Ease of use 
  • Size vs no. of people 
  • Weight 
  • Extra features 

Ease of use

How wants to be on a beach wrestling with a picnic table in front of the crowds? No one so you want to be sure your choice of folding picnic or camping table is easy to put up.  You are looking for a table that can be quickly assembled with no small parts that can get lost.

There are several folding mechanisms on tables and they affect the weight of the tables.  So for small hiking picnic tables look for a scissor closure with roll out tops.  For a heavy duty table we have ones that open either side with locking caps to keep table in place.

Size vs no. of people

How many people is this foldable picnic table going to be seating?  As a rule of thumb i use this guide:

  • 4ft – 2 people
  • 6ft 4-6 people
  • 8ft 8-10 people
If you need additional seating you can get half benches or stools



If you are looking to carry your table on a hike or to the beach lightweight is key.  Aluminium Alloy is the lightweight material all the best portable, foldaway picnic tables are made of.  

These types of table can be either coffee table or dining table height and weigh as little as .5 kg.  They also come with carry bags and pack down to fit in a rucksack or picnic backpack! 

Hard wearing picnic folding tables are made from high density polycarbonate and whilst portable will likely weight 10kg plus. 

Extra Features

I love gadgets and extra features and these can come even with a folding picnic table!  You can get cup holder, carry bags and even attached seating for your picnic tables.

I always look at extra features as how much weight is it adding, is there more bulk in the backpack or car?  I like streamlined and small living, lightweight and easily portable.  That’s why I love folding tables like Alpine Treks Helinox Hard Top Folding Picnic Table – Low Rise with Cup Holders 

You can find FUN extra features in your foldable dining tables as well like the Beer Pong tables.  These are normally 8ft long and can be easily covered with a cloth for more formal picnics.   

We break ours out for summer picnics with the family as it seats 10 plus people then whip off the tablecloth at night for a more adult time!  Want to get a beer pong set…this is our favorite Drinking Games Set (and for Hen nights I recommend the cocktail version!)  

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Quickly before we go into recommending picnic seating here are quick links to our other picnic essentials on the site.  If you have all these you are sure of the perfect picnic!

Can you think of another essential picnic items I need to include? If so drop me a line in the comments.

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