Best Picnic Backpacks, Holdalls & Lunch Bags

Cooler backpack & cooler bags

If you’re a lover of hiking and walking then to be honest, a more traditional picnic basket or cooler can be a little cumbersome. That’s where these fantastic Picnic Backpacks, Holdalls & Lunch Bags come in!

Again available in a number of sizes, materials and colour options picnic backpacks are your perfect companion when you’re out and about exploring the countryside – they’re comfortable to carry and can fit a surprising amount of bits and pieces inside.

They also free up your hands – very useful if you’re on an outing with young children!

With picnic backpacks you have the freedom to explore and roam freely around the area you’re visiting, without having to carry around an unwieldy basket. They often have great features like insulated sections, pouches for storing leaking or wet items, and compartments for all of your picnic accessories like cutlery, crockery or food containers.

Some picnic backpacks come complete with a detachable picnic blanket, or have straps for you to securely attach your own picnic rug.

You can choose between pre-filled picnic rucksacks and picnic holdalls, or choose your own picnic sets & accessories to fill it with.

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What Is A Picnic Holdall?

Combine classic heritage style with modern practicality with the Picnic Holdall. Whether you’re planning a woodland walk, visiting a park or heading to the beach, with the Picnic Holdalls you can take everything you need.  Holdalls have a roomy central area to fill with food and shape makes it easy to fit in the car with beach wear.  

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Lunch Boxes Can Be Cool!

Lunch Totes and Boxes can be everything from practical to designer and we feature the very best on this site, all tried and tested by myself and my team (family & friends). Lunch totes can also be used as extra make up bags and much more!

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Take a look below at some of Favourite Picnic Backpacks, Holdalls & Lunch Bags! From large to small, and modern to vintage, hopefully there will be something that catches your eye…

Best Picnic Backpacks, Holdalls & Lunch Bags

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