Eco Choices for Picnicking – 5 Easy Swaps!

Eco Choices for Picnicking - 5 Eco Swaps

Do you make eco-choices with your picnic gear? If you don’t already it’s something you really should consider. The thing is, getting set up for an eco-picnic really is easier than you think! Also, with the great range of products available, you don’t have to substitute sustainability for quality or style. 

Here are 5 of my absolute favourite Eco Choices for Picnicking…which is your favourite?

Eco Choices for Picnicking - 5 Eco Swaps

I’ve written about what an amazing eco-swap Beeswax Food Wraps are before, but I’ll say it again – these are hands down one of my favourite eco-products out there! They’re a great alternative to foil, cling film or zip-lock bags, and surprisingly versatile. 

The ones I bought originally were by Green Bee, but I’ve since purchased this fab set by Green Bee’s Kitchen. This great value 9-pack contains six beeswax wraps (two small, two medium and two large) and a bonus of three cotton bags (sizes S, M and L) which are great for storing bread, lunches and snacks!

Beeswax wrap - 1 Large single pack organic reusable beeswax food storage sheets, size 16''X20'' Zero Waste, Plastic Free Sustainable wraps for loaf loaves and bread wrap

I also recently bought this fab large beeswax wrap for keeping my bread fresh – how gorgeous is the retro print?!

You can wrap pretty much any picnic food – from fruit to sandwiches to cake!  For smaller items I’d recommend reusable Ziplock bags. Once you’ve eaten the beeswax wraps can be folded up and packed away to reuse. 

They’re reusable – just wash the wrap with a gentle soap (use cool to lukewarm water – hot water can melt it) then leave it to air-dry. The lifespan of beeswax wraps is around a  year, but you can purchase bars of the natural ingredients to reapply to your wraps, and make them like new again!

2) Glass Food Storage Containers

GOOD FOR YOU Glass Food Storage Containers - [10 Pack] Healthy Meal Prep Boxes with Airtight Lids - Airtight Glass, BPA Free & Leak Proof (10 Lids & 10 Containers)

Another of my Eco Choices for Picnicking – 5 Eco Swaps is glass food containers.

We’re trying to go as plastic free as possible in our house, and are slowly trying to swap out our plasti containers for glass ones. 

Glass is surprisingly versatile – it’s great to use in the freezer and you can pop it in the oven or microwave to heat things up. If you go for a good quality product it’s pretty sturdy too, and will survive the odd fall or mishap.

This ten-pack of glass food containers is a great buy, and has just about every size you’ll need for picnicking! Importantly, the lids on these are BPA free, as well as being airtight and leak-proof. 

I also like to use sectioned food containers, like these great three-section options from Home Planet. Sometimes if we’re popping out for the day it’s easier to just pack a mini-lunch for each of us in our picnic basket, and these are perfect for the job. Also look for Bento Boxes if searching for sectioned food containers.

3) Reusable Silicone Straws

Joie Reusable Silicone Straws with Cleaning Brush, Set of 6, Rainbow, Colors May Vary

For the third Eco Choices for Picnicking – 5 Eco Swaps we have to consider how to reduce single use plastics in straws!

We’ve made the switch from disposable to reusable straws some time ago. So many single-use straws end up in landfill (in the USA 500 million straws get binned DAILY!) and something needs to be done here. 

I feel we get value for money from our reusable silicone straws, as well as the fact that we’re taking a step in the right direction towards reducing our carbon footprint.

I prefer these over metal options as they’re safe for little mouths! They’re soft, flexible and come in fun colours. Silicone straws are also handy for hot drinks. It’s a safer way to drink hot drinks when you’re travelling in a vehicle. As a bonus, it can also reduce staining to your teeth, particularly if you’ve had them whitened.

Two of my favourites are this pretty pastel silicone straw set from Reuzable, and these bright and fun straws from Joie.  For kids you simply cant beat the great value silicon straw pack in primary colours from Basicform.

4) 'Unpaper' Kitchen Towels

Reusable Kitchen Roll Washable, 10-Pack Organic Cotton Eco Kitchen Towel Roll; Reusable Paper Towels Washable Made in EU; Absorbent Paperless Paper Towels, Multipurpose Washable Cloth Paper Towels

My fourth Eco Choices for Picnicking – 5 Eco Swaps could be totally a new one to you…it was for us!

When I first heard about this I thought it was just the BEST idea! I always feel guilty buying kitchen paper, but it’s just so useful. Then I found this AMAZING ‘unpaper’ kitchen towel set, of reusable kitchen towels!

The pack from Nassity includes a wooden holder, 10 reusable and washable ‘unpaper’ towels, a canvas bag for storage and six napkin rings – yes they also make great picnic napkins! You can also buy additional unpaper towel packs separately. 

The towels also make great additions to your cleaning kit (or changing table for all you parents out there!). They come in five lovely colourways and designs. 

As an alternative I’ve also used this Bamboo Eco Kitchen Roll while not as long-lasting as the unpaper towels these are washable and reusable, and do get lovely and soft after every wash.  

5) Eco Friendly Picnic Set

ECO VIABLE Dinner Set Large - (36pcs) Eco Friendly, Lightweight, Strong, Microwave & Dishwasher Safe – Large Dinner Plates, Cups, Bowls, Cutlery & Canvas Bag, Picnic Camping Caravan Campervan

As I mentioned we’re trying to cut down on plastic – but this can lead to an issue with picnic crockery when it comes to weight!

However I came across this great eco-friendly picnic set from Ecoviable. It’s made of natural wheat straw fibre and food grade PP. It’s also 100% BPA free, completely non-toxic, odourless and environmentally friendly. What’s not to like!

These sets come in a mix of four beautiful pastel colours,  beige, green, blue and pink.  They’re lightweight and strong, and safe to use in the dishwasher or microwave. They also come in a handy cotton drawstring bag for storage. 

On my wishlist is this beautiful 16-piece bamboo dinner set – how stunning is the natural wood effect! Again it’s incredibly durable, and dishwasher and microwave safe. The reviews so far are all 5-star, so it seems they are really as good as they look…I’ll keep you posted if I get my hands on a set!

What’s your favourite item from our Eco Choices for Picnicking – 5 Eco Swaps article?! Comment below, and if there’s anything you’d like me to try to get my hands on for review then just drop me a message!

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