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2022 best beach trolley for the family
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Enjoy Summer Picnics & Walks Safely in 2022

Summer picnics 2022

Finally Summer is here, and with no more covid restrictions on travel it looks like we can all get back to enjoying hours of fun in the sun and picnics. If you are staycationing the UK is one of the most beautiful countries once you get out and about and its perfect for picnicking in! So lets look at some fun summer picnic products so you are dining out in style and comfort.

I am already dusting off our luxury picnic basket, washing the picnic blankets and planning our escapes to the beach (so get your beach trolley and cool box). 

Where are you excited to visit with your family, friends or relations? Are you a beachbum, countryside lover or fancy a day out at a country home or two?

Fun summer picnic ideas – locations

Need some fun summer picnic ideas of places for the perfect summer dining spots? check out the National Trust for some amazing picnic spots local to you – from beach to mountain to country dale. If you live in Scotland there are great deals on National Trust memberships for our fans here. And we give you a few of our favourite national trust places to visit in the UK and Scotland if you click those links.

Summer picnic fun and ideas

Whether you are a seasoned picnic goer or new to this dining out lark I have you covered for what to take on a picnic.  

So lets kick off with a few things you need to make sure you have packed in your picnic backpack or picnic hamper.  

  • Picnic Cool Bag Rucksack – I recommend the cool bag in backpack form because its easy to carry and awesome for cool food/drink storage. Easier to get on to the beach with than Electric cooler box (however they are great in the car for long summer road trips!
  • Beach Tent or awesome sided sun brolly for portable shade (and cover if it rains!)
  • Car First Aid Kit or Travel First Aid Kit for trips and slips
  • Folding Trolley to transport everything including the kids to your picnic site
  • Folding Picnic table and chairs combo –  If you dont want sand in the butties or fancy a posher picnic then take a picnic table & chairs that fold up.
  • No room table then take a Picnic Rug from our huge range – including one you can play twister on!

Need to buy Summer Picnic Essentials quickly? These 20 items are my top picnic and summer fun must haves (for home and away):

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Beach Tents For Year Round Fun

Sun safety is important no matter what age.   From baby beach tents to grown up sun canopies where you can create a bedouin tent look we have them all on sale right here in our Beach Tents and Baby Beach Tent reviews.

Whilst the festival might be on hold this year you can still get your festival trolley and use it for beach picnic trips in 2021.  

Read our full expert reviews on the best in festival trolleys as well as the top garden, beach and camping trolleys for 2021 right here.  Each product here and been rigorously tried and tested so you can buy with confidence.

2022 best beach trolley for the family
Buyers guide to finding the right lazy spa hot tub

Since lockdown hit many of us have been turning our gardens into havens to escape our mad, overflowing houses.  Online with have seen everything in a back garden from a full pub rig up to spa zones complete with Lazy spa hot tub and fire pits.  

All these require a rainproof cover and nothing is more budget friendly or versatile that a pop up gazebo with sides. See our top garden gazebo buys here.

Want to give the Hiker or Walker in your life a gift they will love and actually use? Are you shopping on a budget or not really sure what gifts for hikers are any good?

Worry not whatever your reason for being on this page – I got you covered with my Best Gift Guide for Hikers & Walkers

Each our the 10 gifts for walkers & hikers I recommend have been rigorously tried and tested so you can buy with confidence.

Gifts for hikers & walkers


If you are looking for cooler boxes for your picnics take a look at our review of Electric Cool Boxes here.  Personally, I also love Picnic Hampers because they really add to the feel of actually dining out.  Look for Picnic Baskets with cool bags included as they really offer lots of storage – super handy!

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