Picnic Food – Easy Picnic Recipes & Snack Ideas

Picnic Food

Preparing picnic food is genuinely one of my favourite parts of the whole picnic experience! Don’t you think that food just tastes so good outdoors?! Especially if you’re stopping to eat during or after a walk of hike.

This section contains some of my favourite picnic food ideas and recipes. From simple snacks to tempting treats, and from cold finger food to delicious BBQ and hot options – I love my food and I love experimenting with new taste combinations.

This is also an area where the whole family can get involved. Emily absolutely loves helping me prepare food for our picnics, and I feel that because she’s helped make it she’s much more likely to eat it – even if there are some carrot sticks or tomatoes in there!

Also check out the section on food containers and flasks for storage for your food – the eco picnicking and picnic accessories sections have some good alternative and sustainable options too!

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