Picnics for Kids – Easy, Fun Picnic Ideas & Recipes

picnics for kids

Children love picnics, but making the extra effort to make picnics for kids that little bit special can result in an amazing day out!

It can be as simple as bringing them their own toy picnic basket to carry. The littlest ones love this, as it makes them feel part of everything!

Or what about some picnic-friendly outdoor games, that will keep everyone entertained and (importantly) not cause altercations with other picnic-goers in the spot you’re visiting. Nobody likes a football landing in the middle of their spread of food!

There’s also a great selection of lunch bags, food containers and picnic accessories for kids – with great designs that they’re bound to love! How about getting them involved in helping you prepare the picnic food too? Trust me – this is a great way to help sneak some fruit and even a bit of veg into them.

Take a look around at some of my favourite picnic gear for kids – my reviews are often helped along with my own little tester Emily!

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