Can I have a picnic during lockdown?

Lockdown picnics - Can i Have a Picnic During Lockdown?

What are the rules about having a picnic during UK Covid 19 lockdown?

One of the most asked questions to me recently (my pals think I’m a Picnic Guru lol) is can I have a picnic during lockdown?

Well the answer is yes, kind of, under certain rules. It depends where in the United Kingdom you are, who you’re meeting and what you are doing. Clear as mud right?

With fines and social disapproval looming if you get it wrong here my take on how to picnic during lockdown.

With lockdown being eased a little in England (from 13 May) in theory Picnics are possible. Social distancing is still very much in force. However if you can navigate the rules and regulations a lockdown picnic’s a great way to see friends and family.

You can travel anywhere in England now to meet someone from another household. You can also exercise more than once a day all whilst keeping a two meter distance from others. However the lingering question is can I have a picnic during lockdown?

Is a Picnic During Lockdown Possible?

Well in theory yes! As long as it’s within your country, so for me in Scotland. No popping over the border to my favourite UK Picnic spots just yet!

Infact all the government guidelines tell us its ‘reasonable for people (living in England) to stop to rest and have a brief picnic lunch if they were out for a long walk.’

However you have to sit two meters apart, and last time I checked most park benches arent big enough for that! So that means picnic blankets & rugs are a must as you will need one each.

Social distancing picnic during lockdown

You appear to be fine to picnic with your immediate family as long as you are all quarantining together. However you can only meet one person from another household at anyone time. Unless in Northern Ireland where meetings of 4-6 non family are permitted.

So your solo pal picnics aren’t going to be the best attended picnic are they. Plus how do you decide who gets an invite! Can you imagine…’Hiya Mum can you come for a picnic but leave dad home!’

In fact as I wrote the above I realised inviting mum out flouts the government’s guidelines. They currently recommend that clusters of family from different generations should not meet.

Also if you want to have a picnic with ONE pal you can only do it in a public place. You cant pop over to your relatives or friends homes to go socialising just yet.

It’s also definitely not recommended you share foodstuffs, utensils or any equipment which could spread the virus between two people. So if that’s the case be sure to buy take the right picnic backpack/hamper for number of guests.

And as I mentioned earlier you cant see both parents at once if they are in the over 70 or at risk categories!

So can I have a picnic during lockdown?

Honestly it sounds like its more hard work than its worth it to plan picnics with anyone other than family. However with the weather unseasonably warm and many parents home working why not get out there, go fly a kite and enjoy a picnic?!

If there is one thing I’ve learnt from this crazy lockdown it’s that the little things in life bring the greatest joy. For me thats opening my picnic hamper and serving up a feast whilst hanging out with my family in nature!

Not able to go out yet and have a picnic during lockdown? Here are a couple of ideas for how you can have a picnic in lockdown from home.

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