Four of my Favourite Movie Picnics

My Favourite Movie Picnics

Do you love movies? I do! I’m a bit of a rom-com girl (in case you hadn’t guessed!) although I do like old classics too. Of course, as you know I love picnicking too, so here’s a list of four of my favourite movie picnics!

The Sound of Music

My Favourite Movie PicnicsWho doesn’t love this movie! And who can forget the famous picnic scene, where Maria teaches the Von Trapp children the famous ‘Do, Re, Mi’ song?! This is definitely one of my favourite movie picnics!

You’ll have that song in your head all day now – I guarantee!

I’ve always wanted to visit the ‘Sound of Music’ trail where the scene was filmed. This is situated near Werfenn in Pongau, Austria. Apparently there are some beautiful picnic spots and viewpoints, and the walk is graded as ‘for all abilities’.

Get the look with this Prestige Wicker Picnic Basket, and a hardwearing traditional blanket from Good Gear. It comes in a variety of colours, including grey with a waterproof backing. Don’t forget your guitar!

To Catch a Thief

My Favourite Movie PicnicsGrace Kelly was the queen of elegance for me! I love the picnic scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘To Catch A Thief’ where she sits next to Cary Grant in his blue sports car, and picnics with the stunning view of the Cote D’Azur, in Monaco in the background.

Of course Grace Kelly married Monaco’s Prince Ranier soon after appearing in the movie, and help turn Monaco into a popular international tourist destination.

This Home Innovation Two Person Picnic Set is fit for a princess, and perfect for a romantic picnic for two. It has all you need included in the price, crockery, cutlery, glasses and napkins, and is a conveniently portable size for packing into even the smallest and sportiest of cars!


My Favourite Movie PicnicsI love this movie, it’s pure escapism! I love the scene where Tristan prepares a romantic twilight Victoria, and proclaims all the outrageous feats and dangerous trials he would overcome for her hand in marriage.  Though I also cringe a little as I know she’s going to rebuff him (and isn’t worthy of him anyway – silly girl!).

Recreate this with a traditional red gingham blanket, like this great value one from Les Jardins de la Comtesse. Candles can be risky business, so why not go for a safe but effective LED version instead? Complete the scene with some pretty picnic plates and champagne glasses .

Don’t forget some blankets to cuddle up in to keep you cosy if you”re having the picnic at night, and of course, that all important bottle of bubbly!


My Favourite Movie PicnicsI’m a huge Jane Austin fan and this is far and away my favourite adaptation – the 1996 version of ‘Emma’ starring the wonderful Gwyneth Paltrow!

The picnic scene shows the grandeur that went with upper-class picnics in those days. It really was a big day out!

Of course the scene is also bittersweet. It’s where Emma is rather horrible to the poor spinster Miss Bates, and receives a ticking off from the dishy Mr Knightley.

The location for the scene was Box Hill near Surrey. This was voted as one of the top ten picnic spots in the UK . It’s on my picnic bucket list so stay tuned!

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