The BOSS Premium Portable Outdoor Backpack & Cooler 30 L

The Daddy of ice cooler backpacks – this is your go anywhere, do anything cooler rucksack. Its COOL beyond belief! I mean there are plenty of plain Jane hiking backpack coolers on the market but seriously nothing like this beast! 

Two huge compartments in the main backpack then additional one on each side of back pack cooler and one in the back totaling THREE extra compartments. Plus plenty of d rings and other areas to hang your equipment off as well.  The ICEMULE BOSS backpack is large enough yet light enough to hike out and even camp with and is utterly versatile


the ICEMULE backpack cooler is surrounded by a 3cm closed-cell PolarLayer XT Insulation foam for true multi-day ice retention. Adding air with the IM AirValve allows you to reach a superior level of insulation that is unmatched by any cooler. Serves as a great beach cooler or hiking backpack


the ICEMULE closure system and MuleSkinfabric makes the BOSS completely waterproof. The oversized pockets with PakShield zippers keep water out while the wide-mouth Tri-Fold provides easy access to load and unload the cooler contents


This backpack cooler has an impressive inside capacity of 30 liters and is big enough to hold 24 cans plus ice, perfect for multi-day camping, hiking, hunting, fishing trips/adventures. It measures 53.3 x 45.7 x 33 cm and can handle 3.5 Kg

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