Why you NEED to be using a reusable water bottle!

reusable water bottle

So, why should you carry a reusable water bottle

Apart from the fact that there’s a design and style for everybody (I love leopard print but don’t quite feel I have the ‘pizzaz’ to pull off wearing it – hence my choice of bottle!) there are so many benefits that come from carrying a reusable bottle.

Whether you carry it in your picnic tote bag on a daily basis, use it for the gym or  when camping or hiking – you know you’re saving money and saving the planet!

You can be proud to be helping with reducing the amount of plastic bottles in landfills and in the ocean, and save money on bottled water. You can also be sure you don’t have any nasties sneaking into your water from the plastic of bottled water.

Of course – you’re not limited to just filling it with water – and many insulated models double up as hot-drink flasks!

Let’s go into a bit more detail on why you should consider a reusable water bottle:

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1. Just to repeat again – you’re reducing waste from single-use plastic!

Billions of single-use plastic water bottles are thrown away by the billion per year, in the UK alone. But only a small proportion get recycled. Plastics biodegrade slowly, taking hundreds of years to break down naturally.

By choosing a reusable water bottle, you can help combat this, as well as greatly reducing your carbon footprint!

2. They’re better for your health

Single-use plastic bottles can be REALLY bad for your health,  leaching chemicals into the water inside. Disposable bottles are usually made from PET (polyterephthlate) plastic, which has been shown to leach antimony into water. This is very bad for our health, and can cause things like headaches and upset stomachs – sometimes severe!

There’s no way to know what is actually in the water in “brand name” single-use bottles, despite what the manufacturers might want you to think!

Tap water in some countries (like the UK) has less bacteria than some bottled water – which actually contains surprisingly high levels of bacteria. This is sometimes due to it sitting in a warehouse for long periods in warm temperatures, and growing stagnant. Yeuch!

3. You’ll save money!

Using a reusable water bottle is much less expensive than buying single-use bottles of water. Buying bottled water can add up! You can pick up a reusable bottle relatively cheaply, and it will last you for a long time – for years if you buy a good quality one!.

You can also save money on coffee and tea while out by carrying a reusable insulated bottle. Most coffee shops offer a small discount for carrying your own bottle, cup, or mug to fill!

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4. You can choose a bottle that best fits your needs!

Some people like drinking from glass better, and some from plastic. Me, I love my metal water bottle – it keeps my water so cool!

Others might prefer to keep a cup of coffee warm for hours in a stainless steel insulated bottle, or to have the option to take either warm or cold liquids out walking and exploring outdoors.

Whatever your needs or wants may be, there is a reusable bottle that’s perfect for you! And a design that will make you smile too.

5. It’s easy to keep track of how much you drink

Staying hydrated is SO important (especially when you’re exercising or in warmer weather) but so many of us let things slip. Being dehydrated can lead to headaches, tiredness and extreme grumpiness . It can also make us overeat when we mistake hunger for thirst.

A reusable bottle can help you keep track of how much water you drink – you’ll be aware every time you fill it!

Many reusable bottles come with a guide on the side of the bottle in so that you can easily see how much liquid you have inside of your bottle. You can track the number of times you refill your bottle throughout the day and know exactly the amount of water you’ve had.

These are my top five reasons to use a reusable bottle, but I’m sure you could think of many more!  Infact if you do please share your reasons to use a reusable water bottle in the comments below.

P.S. My bottle is by Nitro – and I picked it up in B&M Stores of all places, when I was in for a browse! I can’t find the exact model online.  However I’d recommend Amazon if you want a similar designs…including this one from Cambridge Store.

My Top Four Resuable Water Bottles

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