10 Best Eco Picnic Products

10 Best Eco Picnic Products

We’re seeing sustainable and eco-friendly options for everything at the moment, and eco-friendly picnic products are no different! But going eco doesn’t mean you have to compromise in function, quality or even style – IMHO some of the most stylish picnic products on the market are eco-friendly ones.

The choice is getting bigger by the day too, with more and more brands getting on board with a commitment to sustainability. It’s said that over 60% of us would choose a company with environmentally positive values over one without, and I think that’s certainly true for me and my family – I would alway go for the planet-friendly option if there is one. 

Here are ten of my favourite eco-friendly picnic products that I get a lot of use from (some of them I don’t just use for picnicking – they’re kitchen staples too!). I get such pleasure from using the Best Eco Picnic Product, hopefully you’ll be convinced too!

Bee's Wax Wrap

Avoid cling film and tin foil when packing up lunches or picnics and make  reusable Bee’s Wrap your food packing staple.  Its one of my favorite tools for a food packaging waste – and reducing what we send to the landfills too!

Bee’s Wax Wraps are made from pieces of cotton covered in with beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin. 

You can use them to wrap up cheese, vegies, snacks, sandwiches, and more. It wont work for meat or fish but there you can use a BPA free food container instead or bamboo lunch box.

Unlike clingfilm  you can reuse these wax food wraps, just hand-wash them with cold water and dish soap.  Best of all when its finished just compost them.  This could be my number one of the Best Eco Picnic Products – but read on and pick yours!

Beeswax Wraps | Set of 8 | Eco Friendly Sustainable Reusable Food Wraps | Biodegradable Zero Waste Plastic Free Food Storage | Bowl Covers | Organic Bees Wax Cheese Bread Sandwich Wrappers

Reusable Drinking Straw

Flow Telescopic Metal Straw & Case with Collapsible Stainless Steel Cleaning Brush, Portable Reusable Drinking Straws for Travel & Home | Flow Eco Straws (2 pk Copper & Black)

Straws are of on the most polluting single use plastics in the world and we need to eradicate them.  The UK government has banned single use plastic straws fully in the UK since April 2020.  So its time to embrace the Eco Straw.

There are several types we use in our home from the silicon straws (a little flimsy TBH), to the bamboo straws (they don’t last long).  We have metal straws but not for the children as they can be a danger.

For me paper straws and wheat straws are out as the texture of the straws is yucky!  So instead I bought a Hydro Flask and take that to get my smoothies etc in when out and about!

Eco Friendly Plates & Cutlery

One of the largest areas of waste from picnics and fiestas can be plastic plates and cutlery, but going green here is easy!

You can choose from a range of eco friendly plates/flatware and cutlery now in a host of natural, bio degradable and strong materials.

I love bamboo plates and bamboo bowls for their looks, but I have to say i am not a fan of eating off the cheaper makes of bamboo cutlery (its that touch thing in my mouth!).  

Palm leaf plates and palm leave knives & forks are another alternative.  Both these and the wheat straw plates and cutlery are amazing options.

Wheat Straw plates, bowls, cups etc are my Eco Picnic pick as they are strong, reusable, won’t scratch and the Wheat Straw knives, forks etc don’t have that dry taste in my mouth!

Cloth Napkins

Urban Villa,Buffalo Check Multi Color set of 12 Dinner Napkins,Premium Quality,100% Cotton, Size 51 X 51 CMS, Over sized Cloth Napkins with Mitered Corners,Ultra Soft,Daily Use ,Durable Hotel Quality

Don’t be a wally and take paper napkins to your eco picnic like i did once….better to get oes you can wash and reuse!

Cloth Napkins are eco friendly, rather chic and come in a huge choice of colours and sizes.

You can bulk buy them too to cut down on transport costs (more eco again!).  

Reusable Water Bottles

We are a huge fan of reusable water bottles in our home, thats where we started in our efforts to make less mess on the planet. 

Our water bottles of choice are Hydro Flasks – they keep drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours.  They are sturdy, BPA free and take a beating!

You can see our full range of recommended Hydro flasks here.  We also recommend Stanley Stainless Steel flasks here.

Hydro Flask Water Bottle 946 ml (32 oz), Stainless Steel & Vacuum Insulated, Wide Mouth with Leak Proof Flex Cap, White

Reusable Wine Glasses

Sivaphe Wine Glasses Tumbler Keep Cold Camping Cup Gifts Family Friends Insulated Reusable Coffee Cups Stainless Steel Double Walled with Lid 12OZ Set of 4 Black Red White Rose

Wine on a romantic picnic can still have that eco vibe in a reusable Wine Glass.  

I am a fan of the Hydro Flask Wine Glass.  However you can find cheaper metal wine glasses like the one pictured (Sivaphe also do a metal champagne flute!)

Eco Friendly Picnic Blankets

People actually search for these eco friendly picnic blankets on our site and so far we haven’t found ANYone making them.

So instead i can only recommend our favourite picnic blanket and that’s the tiny, but mighty Matador Pocket Blanket.  Waterproof, fits in a pocket and can even be used as a cover in rain!

These pocket xl picnic blankets are another of my Best Eco Picnic Products…omg I honestly have one for every car, handbag and picnic hamper!

See all our picnic blankets, from the luxury wool picnic blankets to the cheaper blankets here.

Matador Pocket Blanket 2.0 - Red

Silicon Food Storage Bags

Stasher Reusable Silicone Sandwich Bag, 19x18cm Colour: Stasher Sky

Stasher bags are a staple in our kitchen fridge, picnic backpacks and hamper and in the kids school bags.

They are just the best alternative to plastic food storage bags. They’re made from platinum silicone and free of BPA, BPS, lead, latex, and phthalates—they also come in several sizes, from sandwich to snack.

Lets be honest anything that saves the planet from more waste is going to be in my top, Best Eco Picnic Products!  

Did we list your Best Eco Picnic Products in this blog? or are there more that you want to recommend we try and our readers buy? please tell us in the comments below.

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Alexandra is a longtime party planner & event specialist who loves to host fun picnics, parties and events for friends & family.  She now uses her expertise to recommend the best products on the market for you to get out and enjoy life.

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