Winter Picnic Ideas

Prefect Christmas picnic idea

Christmas is gone and I hope you had a wonderful time, even with lockdowns across the UK. These are times to enjoy very simple pleasures with our bubble, including getting out in nature, walk & picnic. 

Did you get the gift of a luxury picnic basket, new thermos flask or even an electric cool box for warmer days? If so why not start planning some fun winter, or even snowtime picnics.  

Hubby and I have seen a huge upsurge on our social media of friends & family eating out, cycling and getting fitter.  Most of these guys and gals would never have picniced before, they thought my love of dining al fresco (picnics) was rather odd.  However i think they now get it and are enjoying it!

Prefect Christmas picnic idea
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So if you are new to picnics or you need to update your old picnicware then you have come to the right website! We might all be on lockdown, but time is still precious, right? So with so much choice and quality out there for picnic sets and more let me help you find the best, quickly.

For winter covid picnic walks, I recommend:

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