Prefect Christmas picnic idea

Christmas is coming and a gift of a luxury picnic basket, new thermos flask or even an electric cool box for warmer days is a welcome present. So below I have listed a few, quick click and buy CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS FOR PICNIC LOVERS…these are my absolute top picks!

For buyers with more time to spend looking for the perfect gifts for picnic lovers/ walkers I have complied a full gift guide for picnic lovers, hikers & walkers.  In it are some great suggestions including the very popular, and hip Hydro Flasks, Head lamps and even bivvy bags.

Your gift could be the inspiration for a family or friends to make the most of our new freedoms in post covid 2021.  A new Beach TentFestival Trolley or new picnic bench could really be a treat and unexpected gift win this christmas 2021.

So here are our top Christmas 2021 Gift Ideas for Picnic Lovers.


If you are looking for cooler boxes for your picnics take a look at our review of Electric Cool Boxes here.  Personally, I also love Picnic Hampers because they really add to the feel of actually dining out.  Look for Picnic Baskets with cool bags included as they really offer lots of storage – super handy!.

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Alexandra is a longtime party planner & event specialist who loves to host fun picnics, parties and events for friends & family.  She now uses her expertise to recommend the best products on the market for you to get out and enjoy life.

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