Picnic Ideas For Autumn

Best Products for an autumn picnic

Summer is over!  Autumn, with its cooler days and darker nights is upon us.  

Are you planning on hibernating for the next eight months till the temperatures get over 20 deg again? Should we close up the picnic hampers and store our bbqs?  

I sure hope you are yelling NO WAY to this idea!  

And you would be right there – I happen to love hitting the trials and enjoying Autumn Picnics as often as possible.  As a family we will also go on our annual blackberry picking Picnic and fill our Picnic Hamper full of warm sausage rolls and cheese pie!  What are your favourite Autumnal Picnic foods?

Whilst we all love our traditional Picnic Hampers, I have to be honest and say we see far more Picnic Backpacks and Cool bag Backpacks being bought from around September till Late November.  Oh and lets not forget that waterproof backed travel rugs and blankets are totally a MUST for the comfort!

Our Picnic Fans are also adding in Thermos Flasks and Vacuum Sealed Food Storage to take hot food and soup with them.  I also see a lot of new picnic sets being sold…perhaps that’s with people wanting to freshen up their picnic baskets after summer.

To help you make the most of the beautiful Great British and Irish countryside this Autumn her are the current top five sellers for Picnic gurus who want to dine out in style (and comfort)

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Alexandra is a longtime party planner & event specialist who loves to host fun picnics, parties and events for friends & family.  She now uses her expertise to recommend the best products on the market for you to get out and enjoy life.

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