Picnic 101 – Top Tips for a Successful Quick Picnic

Top Tips for a successful quick picnic

Are you ready for picnic season? You will be with these top tips for a successful quick picnic!

sarah noltner 689018 unsplash1 2024Why is it that food tastes so amazing when eaten outside?!

However, with the temperamental and unpredictable British summer, it’s often hard to plan too far ahead!

Whenever the weather does heat up, there’s usually a mad dash at the slightest hint of sunlight to get out and eat al fresco –picnics on the beach, eating with friends in the park, or even grabbing a sandwich and sitting on a bench outdoors on your lunch break!

A picnic doesn’t need to be fancy – although it can be fun to make an event of it!

Last Minute Picnics

For a simple impromptu picnic, you only need a picnic rug and some simple (mostly finger) food. Here are the basics:

  • Napkins/wipes (baby wipes are IDEAL)
  • Foil or cling film for wrapping leftovers – or even better, beeswax wraps!
  • A bag for rubbish
  • Ice packs to keep your food cool
  • Food Containers – whatever you use! I’m a fan of recycling, so save leftover takeaway cartons!
  • Picnic blanket

Simple Picnic Snacks

Sandwiches, crackers, salad, fruit and cheese – anything quick and easy!  Maybe even something sweet to end the meal? Here are some ideas:

  • Triangle Sandwiches – everyone loves these, especially the children!
  • Pasta Salad – boil up some pasta, stir in those leftover veg, and cook meats with a little pesto and mayo – yum!
  • Cookies or biscuits – nothing sticky or that’s likely to melt.
  • Any fruit.
  • Cheese and crackers
  • Nuts
  • Olives (though I know they’re not everyone’s cup of tea!)

A Few More Tips…

  • Have your picnic basket or electric cooler stocked and ready to go with cutlery, crockery and all the essentials – then add food and drinks and head out the door!
  • Remember, food is covered to prevent insects from getting in – this is why plastic food containers and bento boxes are a good idea. This is also important if you’re on a beach picnic outing – there’s nothing worse than sand in your food!
  • Keep food like meat and salads cool by placing them back in the cooler between servings. Any leftovers sitting out of the cooler for over an hour should be thrown away!
  • Keep a few bottles of water stashed in the freezer for hot days – they’ll start to melt while you travel (pop them in a plastic bag or coolbox/bag), and it will save you from bringing ice along!
  • Invest in an easy clean picnic blanket that’s bigger than you think you’ll need – the more room you have, the better, and they all fold up so compactly nowadays!

What are your top picnic tips?

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