talkTV Royal Revelry: Unveiling Alexandra’s Coronation Street Party Secrets

Alexandra on talkTV with Peter Cardwell to talk Street Party Tips

Join Alexandra on talkTV as Peter Cardwell uncovers her foolproof tips for hosting an unforgettable Coronation celebration in your street or garden.

Alexandra, the founder of, recently joined talkTV’s Peter Cardwell to share her top tips for hosting a coronation party fit for a king (or queen). Drawing from her wealth of knowledge featured in her easy-to-read blogs on coronation celebrations, Alexandra offered the following advice:

Top Tips for a Successful Coronation Party:

  • Plan with lists: Keep the coronation party planning process simple and organised with the help of checklists – one for the food, the outdoor furniture and accessories and one for entertainment and activities.
  • Share the workload: Encourage guests to contribute by bringing their choice of food and any necessary picnic furniture.
  • Opt for finger foods: Minimise washing up and cutlery requirements with easy-to-eat coronation finger foods. Of course, she recommends the 70’s speciality – Cheeesy Hedgehog!
  • Prepare for unpredictable UK weather: Set up pop-up gazebos for shelter and provide warm picnic blankets.
  • Embrace DIY decorations: Show off your creativity by making bunting and table decorations. And for extra fun, have the kids make their DIY crowns for the party celebrations.
  • Elevate the presentation: Display your coronation buffet on cake stands and fancy plates for a touch of elegance.
  • Have fun: Make a playlist of royal music like Prince, Queen and the King of Pop – Elvis; make crafts with the kids, and have a photo booth with a royal flair.
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Alexandra emphasised the importance of teamwork that would allow you to plan a coronation celebration in just a few hours. You can avoid unnecessary costs by keeping things simple, utilising checklists, and sharing resources like outdoor seating and picnic benches. For those must-have coronation party accessories, check out this short blog.

Above all, Alexandra believes the true essence of every coronation celebration lies in bringing families and communities together to share in the festivities. As she fondly recalled her first memory of a Silver Jubilee party, she encouraged everyone watching on talkTV to create special memories for the younger generation during this coronation celebration.

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