Prefect Christmas picnic idea

Winter Picnic Ideas

Christmas is gone and I hope you had a wonderful time, even with lockdowns across the UK. These are times to enjoy very simple pleasures with our bubble, including getting out in nature, walk & picnic.  Did you get the gift of a luxury picnic basket, new thermos flask or even an electric cool box for warmer days? If so […]


Christmas is coming and a gift of a luxury picnic basket, new thermos flask or even an electric cool box for warmer days is a welcome present. So below I have listed a few, quick click and buy CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS FOR PICNIC LOVERS…these are my absolute top picks! For buyers with more time to spend looking for the perfect […]

Picnic Ideas For Autumn

Summer is over!  Autumn, with its cooler days and darker nights is upon us.   Are you planning on hibernating for the next eight months till the temperatures get over 20 deg again? Should we close up the picnic hampers and store our bbqs?   I sure hope you are yelling NO WAY to this idea!   And […]

10 Best Eco Picnic Products

10 Best Eco Picnic Products

Can we convince you to make the switch to more eco-friendly picnic products? We sure hope so with our 10 best eco picnic products… We’re seeing sustainable and eco-friendly options for everything at the moment, and eco-friendly picnic products are no different! But going eco doesn’t mean you have to compromise in function, quality or […]

Gifts for hikers & walkers

Gifts for Hikers & Walkers

Best Gift Ideas for Hikers Want to give the Hiker or Walker in your life a gift they will love and actually use? Are you shopping on a budget or not really sure what gifts for hikers are any good? Worry not whatever your reason for being on this page – I got you covered […]

Reusable Straws

Reusable Straws – worth the Hype?

DID YOU KNOW: The USA uses 500 million plastic straws DAILY…that means over 8.3 billion straws pollute the worlds beaches.  Its time to take action to stop this and one way we can do it is switch to Reusable Straws!   We’ve made the switch from disposable to reusable straws some time ago and I […]

beeswax wraps - worth the buzz?

Beeswax Wraps – worth the Buzz?!

So, Beeswax Wraps – worth the Buzz? I certainly think so as an alternative to cling flim or zip-lock bags! I do love anything that’s eco-friendly – especially when it works with my other passion of picnicking! I was a little sceptical about using beeswax wraps at first. However, I was also concerned about my […]